Green Power and Energy Conservation | Sugar Consultants

National Forum of Sugar Consultants Provide all types of Low Cost Technical Audit for full Optimization and Energy Conservation of the Sugar Plants and Distillery Plants.

National forum of sugar consultants specializes in undertaking the packages for improving the performance efficiency of the existing running plants.

This is done by providing proposals for improving the operation systems and application procedure as follows :-

1. Improving the Milling efficiency by operation control and adjustment: The milling performance shall be improved by providing proposals for control of the Cane Feeding Arrangement, Auto Cane Feed Control System Preparatory Index, Primary Extraction, Hydraulic Loading, Mill RPM, Application of Imbibition System, Juice Drainage from the rollers, Roller Grooving Details, Mill Feeding Devices, Improved Mill Roller Groove Arcing, Top Roller Lift Indication Control, etc. Mill Drive Amperage and RPM Control, Donelley Chute Filling Height Control by providing DCS Control system, Mill Setting Calculation Details, Last Roll Express Juice Brix Control & Brix Curves of the mill Juice, Moisture % Bagasse profile of the Mills, POL % Bagasse Profile of the Mills. The aim of Milling Station Study shall be made in order to improve PI, PE, Reducing POL % Bagasse, Reducing Moisture % Bagasse and Improving Reduced Mill Extraction.  
It is targeted to get the following parameters:

i) RME around 97.0% or more.
ii) Moisture % Bagasse around 48% in general or can be reduced further.

iii) Improving the application methods of imbibitions % cane to improve its efficiency of absorption and hence reducing brix of last mill use.

iv) To improve the crushing capacity of the milling plant for achieving better capacity utilization

2. National Forum of sugar consultants provides Proposal for improving the Boiler Working Efficiency by studying and analysis of various parameters and suggest suitably to improve Stream Fuel Ratio, Reducing Excess Air for Reducing Chimney Losses and improving Boiler Efficiency.

3. Proposal for Reducing the Steam Consumption % Cane after studying the various bleeding scheme, Evaporator Configuration and Heating Surface Area of Bodies, etc.

4. Proposals for Energy Conservation and Reduction in Power Consumption per Tonne Cane (KW/TCH).

5. Process Modification for reducing the ICUMSA Value of the Sugar

6. National forum of sugar consultants also provide Proposal for improving the Capacity Utilization of the Plant by eliminating the bottle necks for optimization of the plant capacity.

7. To undertake the energy audit scheme for the sugar plant for improving energy saving by optimization the equipment loading conditions.