Business Consulting & Market Research

National forum of sugar consultant has a complete expertise in providing the result oriented consultancy services in the following fields with scope of work:

i) Monitoring and efficient operation of existing sugar plant for achieving bench mark of efficiency figures.
ii) Monitoring of complete overhauling, repair maintenance during off season/ season to reduce maintenance cost.
iii) Providing proposal for revival of the closed/ sick unitsafter scientific analysis of the causes for the same and to submit a bankable proposal/ DPR.
iv) Modernization and energy conservation for efficient operations of the existing sugar plants.

Special consutancy and advisory services by National forum of sugar consultants :

National forum of sugar consultants provides the consultancy in the following areas:

a) To provide the complete advisory to study the cane handling system and preparatory devices to improve rate of crush and preparatory index upto 95% by advising most economic means and methods.
b) To improve working of the milling tandem by scientific analysis.
c) Mill setting calculations for minimum Pol% Bagasse and moisture% Bagasse, Methods to improve primary juice extraction and total extraction, to improve imbibition quantity to optimum level for reducing losses.
d) To provide complete know-how for efficient operation and minimum power consumption at mills to achieve maximum reduced mill extraction upto 96+ by advising most economic methods.